Thursday, September 25, 2008


Many people assume that decaffeinate coffee and tea is somehow healthier-and there have been suggested links between caffeine and heart palpitations and pancreatic cancer. But there's a glowing list of ways that it might actually be good for you. Several studies have flagged coffee as combating or delaying the development of Parkinnson's disease in men. z
Is's most likely the caffeine that's doing it, says DR Kieran Breen, director of research for the Parkinson's disease society in the UK; perhaps it stimulates nerves cell's production of dopamine to counteract the disease's symptoms, or it may actually be protecting the nerve sells. Some studies have suggested that caffeine can help prevent gallstones,
though there's no consensus yet. A Japanese study found that middle-aged and older people drinking caffeine dairy had half the rate of common liver cancer.
Also, as a pick-me-up, caffeine doesn't just effect your mood - there's evidence it can enhance the performance of athletes.


It has been suggested that caffiene is harmful to those with diabetes or hypertension though doctors simply advise sufferers to drink it in moderation and the Blood pressure Assosiation in the UK says cutting out caffeine does not hava a major impact on blood pressure.

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