Thursday, September 25, 2008

2. Texting, Not Talking

In the Philippines alone, about 400 million text messages are sent in a day, which you may see as another nail in the coffin of human interaction.

But a survey by YouGov, an international internet-based market research firm, found that 43 percent of resident felt mobile phones improved communications.

A study by professor Helen Haste of The Nestle' social research programme in London confirmed that for young adults, texting was crucial in their interaction with parents.

Experts suggest it's the discreet nature of texting that makes it so appealing to young people, allowing them to keep in touch while maintaining their own space.

Phone call may be more immediate, but means explosive emotion can be edited and the misinterpretation of tones of voice, which ofter lead youngsters to avoid phone calls ( parents may sound interrogative when they're really just concerned ), become a thing of the past.


A Virgin Mobile survey suggests millions suffer text related injuries each year. Doctors advise against spending more than 5-10 minutes texting, to avoid repetitive strain injury. Spread the load by varying the fingers you use.

by Marie Cleland

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